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Title I Parent Involvement



2014 -2015


A partnership between schools and parents is vital to student success. At Columbia Middle School, we recognize that parents are their children’s primary teacher and their support is critical in our efforts to provide a quality education. We seek to effectively utilize Title 1 funding and solicit feedback from our stakeholders. Therefore, we implement the following activities:   


            Title I Staff Orientation  

  • Staff receives information on Title I eligibility requirements, fund allotment, and spending guidelines. The staff is informed of the Consolidated School Improvement Plan, and plans for parental involvement.


            Title I Parent Orientation

  • Parents receive information on Title I eligibility requirements, fund allotment, and spending guidelines. The parents are informed of the School Improvement Plan and Flexible Learning Plan (FLP) and services. Parents also receive information on school academic achievement data and “highly qualified.”      


Parent input is important and continues to be a part of the planning and development of new and existing programs. In response to stakeholders input, we offer the following activities to improve instruction and meet the needs of students and parents at Columbia Middle:


            State of the School Address      

  • The Principal’s Corner is a periodic meeting with parents in which the principal provides information relating to instruction, discipline, and attendance. The meetings highlight various themes relating to school improvement. The meetings allow the principal to discuss important topics in depth with parents and provide opportunities for feedback. Topics range from mission statements, CSIP, status, parental involvement, promotional policy, school safety and other school/classroom policies.


Transitional Instructional Parent Meetings   

  • The meetings are held in the spring to provide information to parents about the expectations, required courses, and diploma choices for rising 9th grade classes. Information is also provided about the Summer Bridge Programs.


            After-school Tutorial

  • The emphasis is on accelerating learning for students who are not making adequate progress during the regular school day. Focus is on accelerating students’ progress in math and reading/language arts          


      Successful Connections

  • Annual conferences are provided by the Office of School Improvement to encourage parents to get involved in the education of their children.


Curriculum Nights/Instructional Workshops

  • Each core curriculum department will conduct a workshop for parents.


Columbia Middle School uses the following communication methods to provide parents with timely information about programs and the academic progress of students:  



            Parent-Teacher Conferences   

  • These conferences provide parents with information about students’ academic performance and social behaviors.


            Calling Post

  • This is a computer generated telecommunications phone call that contacts the homes of all students. The calls will be used to provide information on upcoming events and activities.



  • The school will communicate with parents using the 500-plus emails that are generated through the Infinite Campus system. The calls will be used to provide information on upcoming events and activities.


·         School Marquee

Activities and information are advertised on the school’s marquee. 


·         Postal Service

The school will mail home pertinent information to parents to notify them about upcoming events and activities.


Columbia Middle School provides parents and stakeholders the opportunity to make suggestions and provide ideas regarding the Title I Budget School wide plan, CSIP and FLP plan at the Title I meeting. Parents are also invited to provide input, ideas and suggestion at the district wide meeting regarding the CLIP and district wide parent policy, at a meeting provide by OFP office of Federal Programs annually. An invitation is forwarded to our schools from that office. Parents are invited to the annually meeting curriculum night as well.  

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