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Destiny/LaunchPad Video Tutorial

"Accessing Destiny through LaunchPad to Enhance Lesson Planning". Through this video tutorial, I hope to reach a larger audience of educators, some of whom are not aware of this resource and the ways it can help them in their instruction. That audience might include Classroom Teachers, Instructional Coaches, Administrators, Principals, Assistant Principals for Instruction, Library Media Assistants, Media Specialists, Teacher librarians, School librarians, Parents, and Online Educators. My purpose is to assist teachers in understanding one of the main resources available to them for lesson planning. I hope to deliver this as an asynchronous mini-lesson on our webpage, as part of an in-service for faculty, or as part of my annual workshop for new teachers. By utilizing this resource, teachers can find standards-based materials that will enhance their lessons; ie. ebooks, dvds, websites, print informational texts, as well as fictional text for reading for pleasure.

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