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The mission of Columbia Middle School is to promote student growth and content mastery by preparing ALL students for college and career readiness.



The vision of Columbia Middle School is to become a school of distinction that empowers and inspires all students to achieve excellence in pursuit of their interests and passions.

Grading Categories

Formative and Diagnostic Assessment – 0%
Assessment Tasks (Skills & Homework) – 25%
Classwork (Guided, Independent, or Group Practice) – 45%
Quizzes, Tests, and Projects – 30%

NOTE: If the course requires an End-of-Course assessment (EOC), the EOC will weigh 20% of the student’s final grade. The remaining 80% of the student’s grade is determined by the final average in the course.
Grade Protocol
A 90 – 100 
B 80 – 89 
C 71 – 79
D 70
F Below 70

P (Pass)

F (Fail)


Georgia Milestones
Georgia Milestones are assessments that serve as the final exams for their respective courses, contributing 20% to the student’s final course grade. For the most recent updates on Georgia Milestone testing, please refer to 
Georgia Department of Education's Insights page.


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