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The Middle School Counselor

DeKalb County School District Counselors design and manage comprehensive developmental guidance programs to help students acquire skills in the social, personal, educational, and career areas necessary for living in a multicultural society.

Your CMS Counselor:

  • Works with individual students
  • Works with small groups
  • Conducts classroom guidance
  • Consults with parents, teachers, administrators, social workers, and others on a wide variety of topics of relevance to our students’ well-being
  • Coordinates school wide events and activities to promote a positive school climate
  • Participates in Student Support Team services
  • Maintains confidentiality
  • Encourages students to recognize and make the best of their own unique capabilities
  • Helps children cope with emotional crisis
  • Coordinates and facilitates school mentoring programs

Ursula Ross

Head Counselor

8th Grade Counselor


Wanda Gibbons

7th Grade Counselor



Keeba Hardy

6th Grade Counselor



Reneisha Campbell- Smith

School Social Worker



Heather Foster




Alexixes Green

Counseling Secretary



Yolunda Sheppard

Check and Connect



Joshua Robinson

Check and Connect


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